GuestVision Support

"Help Me!"
Just click "Help Me!" on the GuestVision screen and it will bring up your screen at our offices. A GuestVision support member can guide your staff directly via the telephone and live on-screen. After the demonstration, the support person will watch as your personnel try the solution for themselves. This ensures that your problem is solved and that you'll encounter fewer problems in the future. 


Comprehensive Training
Every GuestVision licensee receives multiple training resources to help users learn the software, including a Step-By-Step guide, which takes a user through each task with words and pictures (e.g., "Checking in a New Guest"); and an interactive animated tutorial for the receptionists and managers to watch at the school.


Automatically Downloaded Updates
GuestVision locations receive software updates nightly when their machines synchronize with the GuestVision datacenter near Seattle. Periodically, schools will receive an update CD that includes any major additions or revisions to the software. Even though updates are easy to self-install, a GuestVision support person is always available to help ensure that everything is running smoothly after the update.

Helpful Support Included
Every GuestVision licensee receives toll-free technical support as a part of their maintenance agreement. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every GuestVision support staff member is fully versed in the product and can resolve nearly every issue on the first call.