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Lending a helping hand

GuestVision, a leading provider of cosmetology management and time tracking solutions, recently introduced its Mobile Timeclock solution, the first-available hardware and software combination to give cosmetology schools and salons the capabilities needed to ensure the health and safety of their students and workers as the economy reopens and case numbers fluctuate.

The solution consists of a mobile application add-on to GuestVision’s biometric time clocks that can register a student or staff member through their own personal device. This helps to mitigate any close contact and also gives clients peace of mind that their reporting will continue to be accurate, despite arising challenges during the pandemic.

“Organizations face many challenges when it comes to creating a safe environment for their students. Even tracking hours/ attendance can be complicated; many schools use a fingerprint reader, but using a single scanner puts our clients in a high-risk situation due to their close proximity and contact to every person coming through the door," said Randy Swain, Business Development Manager. GuestVision’s Mobile Timeclock solution eliminates that risk, giving clients a nearly touchless way to monitor time and attendance, and ease concerns so that individuals can focus on their work.

The Mobile Timeclock solution has earned great recognition for the impact it has on businesses that are working to best protect their students and employees while ensuring safe and efficient operations.

For more information on Mobile Timeclock and GuestVision, please visit guestvision.net.

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