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How Bio-metrics are Pioneering Title IV funding

Students earn title IV through attendance, and as all administrators know, the percentage of aid earned is equal to percentage of payment period or period of enrollment completed. A School is responsible to return all title IV funds disbursed, but not earned by the student, which is a gamble for any institution.

Common pitfalls of the technical school industry almost always involves inaccurate reporting of Title IV funds, and with new technology, institutions strive to maintain transparency through a software platform that can automate the process- that's a large amount of trust, if you ask me. Who would want to put all their eggs in a basket without knowing if their new found software will serve them right? Think of all the chaos and rolling-eyes at the financial aid office during a new software transition...and don't forget the time lost to learning the new interface. We here at GuestVision commend all administrators for their efforts to better their school; it is why we strive for seamless integrations with existing platforms already in use, and offer flexibility in every area to suit your cosmetology school's needs.

GuestVision's Bio-metric time and attendance software can track calendar days in credit hour programs, as well as scheduled clock hours in clock hour programs. From esthetics to cosmetology, GuestVision can accommodate any program at essentially any school. Our unique ability to add robust customization to our software means a more affordable, and scale-able program that can grow with your school.

Time & Attendance is one of the core features GuestVision offers to track clock and credit hour programs for cosmetology students. Live attendance data is collected and uploaded to your GuestVision database where you can view, monitor, analyze and access reports on your data in real time, from any location. Administrators, faculty, staff and financial aid officers can easily maintain records of classroom attendance, directly message students, boost student engagement (who has and has not participated in events) with the click of a button. Learn more about Time & Attendance

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