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7 must-have salon software features for your cosmetology school

Tools for effective organization of processes in cosmetology school salons.

There is much to keep in mind when opening a cosmetology school with a beauty salon, massage parlor, or a barbershop. Studying your target audience, picking a good location, and hiring good staff is just the tip of the iceberg. You also need to establish proper business procedures and find ways of attracting a new target market. The effort is ongoing; once your business is up and running, you will continuously search for ways to be more effective and profitable. Using salon management software is one such way to maintain compliance, keep accurate records, and ensure data security of students and guests. Software can organize and automate salon processes and increase productivity so that all your hard work doesn’t go to waste. Read on to learn about the major functions that can benefit your salon or cosmetology school, as well as some salon management tips.

Important functions to look out for

Industry-specific software provides a set of features that make a difference in the efficiency and productivity of your business. Here are the major ones concerning cosmetology school salon management:

Appointment Management: When all visit records are in an integrated appointment book, you can easily keep track of how occupied your salon is and make sure that there are no overlapping appointments. Good salon software comes with an online booking feature, which allows your clients to make an appointment through your website or social media and it is automatically updated to the schedule.

Control Finances & Compliance: It is easier to calculate prices for clients and salaries for employees using salon software. You also get full control over all financial transactions, such as beauty products turnover and mutual settlements with suppliers. Get instant access to income and expenses.

Student & Staff Management: Manage work schedules, automatically calculate salaries, and get performance analytics reports for a more effective business.

Customer Relationship Management: Salon software offers a client database to keep all the personal information, history of visits, use of special offers, and other data about the clients in one place. You can set up automatic reminders for the clients to make sure they make it in time, and keep notice of dormant and regular clients to know who should be encouraged or rewarded.

Inventory Management: You can track inventory and be aware of the product stock so you can replenish before something runs out.

Statistic Reports: Automatic reporting enables accurate statistics on your finances, clients, employees, sales, promotions, and inventory. It is far less time-consuming to let the program compile a report on a customer survey or ad campaign results, and you can be sure the information is accurate with a software program.

Tech Support: The best salon management software vendor will provide you with skilled technical support to help you with troubleshooting and guidance on using the product. They also offer free training to help you get acquainted with all major and additional features. A salon management system is a must have software for business. It's functionality covers more than just customer relationship management features. You can track if all the products you sell are in stock, as well as see which customers came through promotions or brought a friend along. Using salon software can even help you look more current and professional.

How GuestVision Can Help Successfully Run Your Cosmetology School

GuestVision has all major features any salon management software should have and more. Once installed, you will find it is easier to work with clients and see that your business is running more effectively.

GuestVision helps you:

Save time automating routine tasks, such as scheduling, calculating prices and salaries, sending reminders, and advertising;

Fully control all financial transactions pertaining to treatments offered by your salon, beauty products, and consumables;

Successfully advertise your services and save money on ineffective campaigns;

Reduce errors and misunderstandings by letting the program do all calculations;

Get insights about your business and plan future development.

Get a free demo to see all of SchoolVision's features and find out how beneficial it can be for your business. We will provide you with free training to get you acquainted with how the software works and answer all your pressing questions.

You can also browse our blog for more cosmetology school management tips.

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