Tell your story with a Digital Menuboard

Show guests your modern flare with a service menu that moves! Guests stay informed while they wait – no more asking about wait time status- your monitor will show them.

Simple integration


GuestVision's Digital Menu Board integrates with our scheduling platform for enhanced and streamlined business operations. All you need is a Monitor with a USB port.

Advertise While They Wait

Show Products you want

Choose products to promote and up-sell 

with on-screen pricing.

Control Your Advertising

Change content easily online whenever you have a new promotion or service offering.

Show Services 
You Want

Organized by service type, show only the services you want the
guests to see.

Customized Branding

Add your school’s logo to the display screen for a custom brand. 

Keep Guests Informed

Prevent negative experiences with the transparency of a Digital Menu board. 

Show Open Times

Walk-ins are made easy by allowing guests to choose open times for same day appointments. 

Comprehensive Views 

Show call aheads, appointments and walk-ins on one list together.



Guests informed in real time lowers walkout risk for happier guests and confident students.

Streamlined Business

Decrease walk-outs and questions from guests while they wait. 

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