Inventory Control Made Simple.

GuestVision 's Inventory Management allows you to quickly and easily maintain your inventory while doing day to day business, so you can focus on more important things: Lowering overhead and increasing sales without worrying about Inventory Management.

Dispensary Management for Salon Products


Track both the individual items in its inventory module and the amount of a product that has been used in its dispensary management module.  Specific inventory control allows you to use or assign a unique serial number to a series of similar products, while tracking the usage of each item. With GuestVision, you now know when an item needs to be repaired or replaced and the specific student or staff member who used it last.

Inventory Management for Multiple Campuses


Manage multiple campuses with GuestVision's warehouse and distribution module. Every campus can share its inventory, but still maintain separate pricing and costs for retail sales and internal usage, separate vendors and bar codes, and even separate shipping terms. Warehouses can receive products from vendors and automatically distribute it to the various locations that need it. If a location has too much of one product and another needs it, auto-leveling transfers can automatically generate a shipping and receiving event to transfer the product to the appropriate location.

Features That Grow with Your School

Simple Bar Code with Intelligent Design

Generate bar codes to ensure the inventory on your shelves is what's in the system.  Differentiate dispensary items, retail products, classroom supplies and student kits for clear usage and cost tracking.

Enhanced Security Access with Peace of Mind

Gain better control of product usage with insightful metrics. Integrating with GuestVision bio-metrics enables greater security and transparency into how inventory is managed and who checks out products and places orders.

Automated & Integrated for Maximum Control

Track product usage, sales and loss for every item.  Receive updated target levels for products based on vendor requirements, seasonality, shelf-life and more.

Dynamic Inventory that Moves with Your School

Manage stock levels and global usage from common back stock or dispensary inventory. When a service or class requires products to be used, they can be deducted from individual or common stock, guiding replenishment and mitigating waste, misuse, and theft by more careful control than would be feasible manually.

Versatile Reporting

Create product reorder reports by supplier, class, course, and more. 

On-Demand Ordering

Warehouses can receive products from vendors and automatically distribute it to the various locations that need it.

Automatic Updates

Inventory is automatically updated with every retail product purchase or dispensed use. 

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