Can't Close - Client still in Service

During the time of closing if you encounter an error stating that a client is still in service and you must check them out before closing; you will want to find this ticket and complete the check out process OR walk out.

When this happens it usually means that you started a ticket and didn't fully check it out or void it. The software will categorize these as suspended tickets.  Follow the steps below to find these tickets and finalize them.

Suspended Tickets

From your home TICKET screen you will see a button to see suspended tickets.

1.  Go to Ticket Screen

2. Click Suspended Tickets

3. From the list select the ticket 

4. If this ticket needs to be processed with a payment select Go To Ticket and complete payment.

If this ticket is a duplicate or no longer valid select walkout.

Once there is no longer any suspended tickets you will be able to close salon. 

*Tip  Keep an eye out for suspended tickets throughout the day.  This will prevent you from having trouble at the end of the day.